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APONDOS develops standardised software and customised software solutions, for the establishment, operation and simple administration of database-supported online applications, such as for instance:

  • Online marketplaces (products, information, services)
  • Portals
  • Intranet solutions
  • Acquisition- and query systems
  • E-commerce systems, online shops, etc.
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Standard software - Marketplace 2.01 now available

The new release APONDOS MARKETPLACE 2.01 combines traditional content management with powerful portal functions. APONDOS MARKETPLACE makes it possible to map customised business processes, which are database-operated and controlled online. Due to its high abstraction level, APONDOS MARKETPLACE can be utilised for every industrial sector.

The basis of every business or information process lies in offering, demanding or transmitting something. Depending on your business model and the application, this can consist of products, services or information. On this basis, every possible business model and business processes can be mapped with APONDOS.

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APONDOS is new...

... but not inexperienced. In total, the core of our team has 153 years of development experience! The first application was published in 1998 and a total of more than 100 Web applications are online today. The largest project consists of more than 300,000 lines of code, and the largest database stores more than 7,500,000 records. Use this extensive experience for your next project.

NEW! Marketplace for portals and marketplaces

Buy or sell your finished marketplace. On this platform you can now buy or sell established marketplaces, portals or shop systems, including the domain, data, layout and perhaps even a membership database. The utilisation of this platform is free of charge for sellers and buyers. APONDOS provides no warranty for the functionality, content or the promises of made by offerors on this portal.

Posting and searching for websites is free of charge. APONDOS, however, assumes no liability for the content of the websites and the statements made by the offerors with regard to their products.

This is the link to the marketplace for websites