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The project sequence

One of the primary objectives of every project consists in fulfilling your expectations, or better still in exceeding them. While this appears to be a self-evident, this is not as simple as it seems in the development of such a complex matter as software. This is the reason why we have developed a procedure during a number of years, which minimises the risk of misunderstandings, between our technical understanding and your idea of your future application.


That clearer and more precise your plans are, and the better your requirements have been defined, the more clearly and precisely will APONDOS be able to develop the software, in correspondence with your demands. On the basis of your description, APONDOS will make a first and non-binding offer, and, if required, it will already point out possible difficulties or specialities in this phase. Either the development of a requirement specification, if this should not already be available, or the creation of a "prototype" is a part of the offer.


We will make a prototype of your application, once we have come to an agreement about the scope and the costs. APONDOS does not accept any development orders without the preparation of a prototype. Based on your ideas and requirements, the prototype will contain a "simulation" of the following software components:

  1. Illustration of all user templates, including the corresponding links
  2. Documentation and simulation of all functions
  3. Illustration of all structures, relational and non-relational interrelationships, dialogues and logic features

The most important advantage of a prototype lies in the fact that you can "see" all the functions and processes before you start programming, and that you can apply any modifications that you desire at this time, without a major effort. Furthermore, the prototype already forms the basis for the actual programming. This means that the effort that goes into the prototype does not represent lost time or costs, since the prototype already forms the logical and structural framework of the application.


Once who have approved the prototype, you will receive a second, binding offer that is based on the functionalities of the prototype. After an agreement has been made, we will then start with the actual development, which is also based on the prototype that has been approved by you. As a rule, you can follow the current status of your software on one of our development servers, and you can also bring change requests to our attention. In this way you will receive exactly what you expect from the programming. Your software project remains calculable. You are being provided with the highest investment and legal protection. Also your change requests are easier to calculate and implement. In this way, the total cost of a project that you realise with APONDOS will be substantially lower than with many of our competitors.

Please tell us about hier your idea. You will receive an offer as soon as possible.


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