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"It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel each time."


For the implementation of projects, APONDOS co-operates with the numerous international development and design partners. If you develop software yourself (for instance as a software house, a freelance programmer, etc.), and if you are interested in participating in a constantly growing market, then you should become an APONDOS partner now. If you are developing individual, database-linked online solutions, then you can become a development partner of APONDOS and realise your projects more quickly and efficiently. If you have successfully realised a number of APONDOS projects, then APONDOS will recommend you directly to the users and transmit user requests to you.

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Once you have worked as a developer or designer with APONDOS, and when you have seen how flexible our system is constructed, then you will no longer recommend any other software to your clients. Almost every possible business model can be realised on line with APONDOS. And with the smallest possible investment.


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