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Simple design integration

The entire online area is based on HTML templates, which you, as the designer, can adapt to the wishes of your customers. In this way, this solution can be integrated into existing Web presentations without any problems. The templates can be modified with commercially available editors, such as for instance Dreamweaver. The Designer Guide, which is available to you, provides detailed instructions.

Due to the stringent modularity, it is extremely easy to integrate customised designs and functionalities. You can flexibly adapt the platform for every customer wish. As a development partner, you have access to an experienced APONDOS developer team that will support you with your projects.

How can one become a Design Partner?

Please register as a design partner and test the full version of MARKETPLACE free of charge. Then you can carry out your first project. When you have successfully completed an APONDOS project, then you will be listed internationally as an APONDOS design partner. Some of our design partners also work together with APONDOS on client projects.

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