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As the operator of an APONDOS marketplace, you not only offer your user as a platform for exchanging information, but also a complete business model. Similar to the well-known auction platform eBay, from which numerous retailers have developed over time, the APONDOS marketplace offers numerous functions that make the most important business and mediation proceses available to users.

Here you have an extract of those functions that are available to you or different user groups. Which functions and data access will be assigned to an individual account, what has to be paid for that and each of the individual settlement forms, can be defined individually for each user.

Functions for MARKETPLACE User Offeror / Inquirer Page (OFFER and DEMAND)

  • Personal user manager (User menu for users, including released functions)
  • Placing of products, information and services (listing)
  • Administration /modification of own entries (listings)
  • Definition of the termination date of listings X Anonymous listings
  • Business wanted listing (querier is searching for an offer with a certain profile)
  • Anonymous and open message system for offerors /queriers, including history
  • Display of various contact partners
  • Activity list (selection of chosen lists)
  • Acts as an offeror and as a querier
  • Communicates with offerors and queriers
  • Can create offeror and querier listings
  • Can search in offeror and querier listings
  • Can use search agents for offerors and queries
  • Visitors (unregistered visitors of the marketplace) Access to the public area
  • Use of search functions, including results but without contact data
  • Selection among various languages of the marketplace
  • Registration as a test member
  • Selected search functions by categories (for instance products, themes, terms)
  • Search agent (searching function, for which individual criteria are defined and including an automatic notification of the user, as soon as the criteria apply
  • Placing of anonymous offerors via the marketplace (offerors and queriers remain anonymous until the business transaction is concluded)
  • Affiliate Administration in the user area (optional)
  • Message system for users: Activity list, administration of listings by transaction type, Administration of individual listings, creation and administration of any required search agent, creation of notes for individual listings
  • Newest listings (optional) Javascript ticker
  • Page recommendation, sent to up to 5 e-mail addresses (optional)
  • For Option catalogue: Site map, tree structure for indexing all catalogue content

Options and modules

  • Downloads (offering party deposits pictures, sound files, videos and documents for his listing
  • Events calendar
  • Mediation of new users by means of a code, against a fee (affiliate)
  • Data import for customers, products, services, information
  • Settlement per invoice
  • Entries in chat rooms or message boards
  • Test memberships
  • Download and payment for softgoods (digitale products) Mediator (MEDIATOR) Can use all the functions of offerors and queriers
  • Entries into the event calendar
  • Affiliate utilisation (mediation of new members)
  • Utilisation of buying processes of Softoods

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