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Insight offers you the rights tool, regardless of whether you are recruiting new customers or are offering existing customers a communications platform, including content that is controlled by you. And all this without any programming! Especially in the Business-to-Business sector, a professional online Plattform is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers, for instance, communicate with their distribution partners, providing up-to-date information that is only supposed to be available to their customers or dealers. Also clubs, associations and public institutes are using Insight, for administering and informing their members, or for recruiting new members.

Insight for companies

APONDOS Insight now offers out-of-the-box what normally can only be realised with a very high programming input. Expand your Internet offer today with APONDOS Insight, and offer your customers exclusive information in a private and secured user area. Due to the scalable user system of Insight, you can make varying content and information packages available to different customer groups. Acquiring new customers through our online registration system. And, of course, everything is multilingual.

Insight for clubs, associations

With APONDOS Insight, associations and clubs can offer their members a private and secure user area. With Insight, you can provide your members with exclusive information, or you can let them pay their membership dues online. Simply recruit new members online, by using APONDOS Insight.

Search engine optimisation

The APONDOS architecture has been optimised for search engines. In this way, your content and your offers will be located by search engines within a short time. This means that your offer will be found more quickly.

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