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MARKETPLACE is a fully automated, multiple-language platform for operating online marketplaces of every kind. For instance, the following kinds of sites are operated with MARKETPLACE: Job portals, automotive markets, software platforms, company mediation sides, portals for experts or for the sale of research documents, just to mention a few examples.

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An optimal, scalable solution

This module and scalable software can be deployed both in small marketplaces, and for a limited user group, up to and including international portals, with thousands of members and visitors. All important functions, such as membership administration and invoicing, payments, a multiplier affiliate system for recruiting members, in which existing members receive a commission for every new member that they recruit, uploading and downloading of digital documents (pictures, text, PDF, video files, etc.), test memberships and many other business processes have been realised in this standard software, which is extremely easy to operate. Furthermore, you can sell all kinds of digital products with the "Softgoods Trading" module via the APONDOS MARKETPLACE, such as for instance documents, e-books, videos, pictures, multimedia files, software or graphics. In this case, the marketplace operator is providing an online platform for digital products, which can be uploaded by any provider, presenting these products in the marketplace, where they can be bought by any visitor. An automated commissions model regulates the business relationship between the suppliers and marketplace visitors. This model of the MARKETPLACE contains a complete business model. It is a model that is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Instead of creating one's own "isolated" shopping system, an increasing number of suppliers are proceeding to offer their products and services on online marketplaces. Softgoods, which can be delivered immediately to download facilities, are virtually predestinated for the MARKETPLACE business model.

Test and start up without any risk

Bei APONDOS können Sie alle Produkte als Vollversion downloaden und einrichten. Sie erhalten dabei die Vollversion des MARKET PLACE ohne funktionale Einschränkungen. Lediglich die Anzahl der Mitglieder im Marktplatz ist begrenzt. So können Sie sofort loslegen, Ihren Marktplatz einrichten und bewerben. Sie bezahlen erst, wenn Ihr Marktplatz angelaufen ist. Eine faire Lösung.

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